It’s all gone a bit beige…

Welcome to “The Citadel Collector,” a website/blog dedicated to collecting vintage Citadel Miniatures. You may have noticed it’s a bit beige – the colour scheme pays homage to the early Citadel Miniatures mail order fliers, which while being a bit drab were also very exciting to a 12 year old me. The fliers from that period are probably my favourite of the Citadel fliers…yes, having a favourite period of fliers is a bit nerdy and gives you some idea of the direction in which this blog will develop. Before I move on, here’s a taster of the fliers in question (click on the images for a close-up):

Look at those figure prices! You can see a lot more of these fliers at the excellent Stuff of Legends website (although they won’t be visible in their original and glorious beige…).

My main focus is going to be on the Citadel Miniatures and associated paraphernalia from the founding of the company to roughly around the “Rogue Trader era,” circa very early 1990’s. Other stuff will slip in from time to time in a random fashion, even figures from – shock, horror – other manufacturers. But if you look hard enough you’ll find some sort of a link with Citadel. Take for example John Blanche (if you don’t know who he is then this isn’t the blog for you). I’ve uploaded a large number of his painted and converted figures to the gallery area. Many of these figures are not Citadel, but they are all miniature works of art. When you consider that many of these were painted and converted roughly 30 years ago you can’t help but admire the talent of the man. Take a close look at some of those shields on display – unbelieveable! If you spot any errors, or can ID any of the unknown figures please let me know by leaving a comment in the gallery.

But if the site of so many non-Citadel figures leaves you reeling – even if they were painted by Mr. Blanchitsu himself – then check out Bryan Ansell’s figures, aka Mighty, Dark-Winged, Avenging Lord of Chaos. Bryan was kind enough to let me photograph part of his collection of vintage Citadel Miniatures, many of which are the actual painted figures that appeared in White Dwarf adverts and articles in the 1980s. I’ve uploaded just a few pics at the moment but will be adding more. In the meantime you can see lots more of his figures at the Collecting Citadel Miniatures Yahoo group’s wiki site.

Right, I reckon that’s enough for my first post, but there’s plenty more to come.


It’s all gone a bit beige… — 8 Comments

  1. Looking forward to seeing more of the Blanch and Ansell collections. Great start – don’t know how you find the time

  2. Somewhere tucked away in the attic I have loads of old Citadel/Games Workshop and even Marauder leaflets. I’ll try to sort them out one day and post images on my Blog.

    Good luck with your own Blog.


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