Fee, Fi, Fo…truummmpettt!

Giant elephant riders – as in, giants riding elephants, not riders on giant elephants…what more epitomises Warhammer as-was than the sight of mighty giants charging into battle astride elephants? Citadel/Ral Partha sold a couple of these in the early ’80s, and you can see a flier including one of them here:

What you may not realise though is that a number of variant giant sculpts were made – I’ve found 4 so far. This pic illustrates the elephant mount, the two original riders (bottom row, two on the left) and the 4 variants:

I suspect the original two were sculpted by Tom Meier, and the variants by the Perry twins.

Taking into account scale creep I don’t think these would qualify as giants any more, and the elephant certainly wouldn’t be considered an adult.

Have you got any variants of these besides the ones above? Let me know!

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