Games Workshop Studio Open Day

WARNING! This blog post contains material of a non-vintage nature…

So I’ve been collecting for around 30 years but can you believe I’ve never been to any kind of Games Workshop event? Nope, not even the Games Days of the 1980s’s (got to be in my top 10 things to do if I ever get hold of a time machine). Well last Saturday I was determined that was all going to change when GW HQ Nottingham held a Studio Open Day. So despite the fact that there was very little “vintage” or “classic” on display, was it worth it? Definitely yes!

The Gaming Hall was filled with display cabinets, gaming demonstrations, and displays by studio designers and painters. Every one I spoke to was incredibly helpful and had loads of interesting stuff to say about designing and painting. I had a great chat with Chris Peach about fast and simple painting techniques – he had some nice Tyranids with him that he had painted in no time. Matt Holland gave a seminar on sculpting (an arm for a 40k Ork) and it was fascinating to see him at work.

There was some loverly painted stuff on display such as:

I had a chat with John Blanche and confirmed that I’ve got more of his painted figrues, so they’ll be going in the gallery soon.

There were some unreleased figures on display:

There were also masses of 3-ups on display, and these and many more can be seen in my Flickr gallery.

Finally, here are some pics of lovely vintage figures:


Games Workshop Studio Open Day — 4 Comments

  1. Always wanted to see that champion on the hill close up. Great pics! That lizardman diorama caught me by surprise. Thought they stopped doing dioramas by the mid 90s…

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