Bryan Ansell’s collection revisited

OK, so my target at posting at least 1 blog post per week has already failed miserably, but I’m back with a vengeance with a whole load of pics from Bryan Ansell’s collection. Bryan was kind enough to let me visit again recently and over the coming weeks I’ll be posting loads of new stuff in the gallery, with some choice items put on the blog too. Here’s a few tasters:

First up, you may have seen this combat card dwarf (the only known example being in Bryan’s collection):

Combat Card Dwarf Wizard

Well, here’s something you’ve not seen before – a shot of his rear!

Here’s “Spot” from the McDeath scenario (he’s the 2-headed one…):

Here’s a nice banner (if you’ve spotted this in any of the old Warhammer books/White Dwarf mags let me know):

Finally a unit of assorted beasts and beastmen:

PLENTY more to come!


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