Making mutants

Aspiring Warlords up and down the land are currently preparing their chaotic warbands for the great march to the wilds of Nottingham for Oldhammer Day on August 31st/September 1st. I too have been tainted by chaos and intend taking the long march myself, and I’ll soon be blogging my exploits in warband creation. In the meantime I thought it might be fun and inspirational to look back at some of the chaosy conversion articles in White Dwarf from back in the day (click on the thumbnails below for larger images).

First up is an article on converting chaos thugs that appeared in WD104. The first couple of pages show some useful work-in-progress shots, together with a how-to in constructing the actual figures that are pictured further along. Suggestions for donor figures are helpfully given:

The final conversions are then presented in a colourful montage, and stats are given for using a number of the figures in games:

The next article from WD119 focusses on Nurgle and Tzeentch. OK, not really in keeping with the theme for for Oldhammer Day (Slaanesh and Khorne), but there are some wonderfully twisted conversions here which are worth checking out:

Again, there are some helpful guidelines provided for constructing these beauties:

Next up a series of articles on the figure conversions of Pete Taylor – the Chaos conversionmeister. Pete has a reputation for speed painting large numbers of figures well, and for his conversion talents. First up is from WD111. Figures 1 and 4 below in particular have the trademark scratch-built “Face of Pete” of the gaping maw and soul-less eyes. Not a self-portrait I hasten to add..

More of Pete’s crazy genius is evident in WD117. Converting talents aside, I also think his colour schemes are spot-on. More details of how Pete built these creations is given below. In particular the Ambull conversion is bizarre and disturbing (in a good way!):

Lastly Pete’s Chaos Spawn from WD119. Pete presents a very informative step-by-step series of pics and a useful accompanying description:

Lastly there’s Dale Hurst’s Tzeentch Chaos Warband from WD135. This is an incredibly detailed, helpful and inspiring article from Dale which goes into a great deal of detail on modelling and painting a chaos warband. Well worth a read over a cup of coffee!

Hopefully that’s given you some useful ideas for Oldhammer Day. In my next post I’ll be taking a closer look at some of the chaos conversions that have appeared in White Dwarf over the years, and showcasing some of those that can be found in Bryan Ansell’s collection.


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